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Coastal Urology is delighted to introduce the premier private continence nurse-led urological service in Townsville. Our compassionate team of nurses specialise in providing tailored support, assessments, treatments, and guidance to individuals aged 16 and above facing bladder and/or bowel challenges.

We take pride in offering swift access to specialized nursing care, specifically designed to address each patient's unique continence needs. Our service warmly welcomes all patients, regardless of insurance status, who seek assistance with various continence-related issues.

These include catheter management and education (IDC or CISC), prevention of catheter-related UTIs, urostomy care, mitrofanoff management, continence assessments, personalized management plans, and expert advice. Moreover, we provide invaluable support with funding applications to relevant departments, ensuring comprehensive care throughout the continence management journey.

GP referral are not necessary but we do encourage health summaries to be forwarded.


  • Trial of Voids

  • IDC and SPC changes, along with the establishment of ongoing community support

  • Education and retraining for CISC (Clean Intermittent Self-Catheterisation)

  • Expert management of challenging catheter cases

  • Bladder washouts employing the Uro-Tainer system, aiming to minimise catheter related infections, blockages, and teach at home washout and cares.

  • Urostomy care and assistance with related appliances issues

  • Mitrofanoff management (recurrent UTIs and CISC technique review)

  • Continence Assessments

  • DVA or MASS or CAPS applications for Continence Aids


We warmly welcome all patients, regardless of their insurance status.
As this service is nurse-led, please note that Medicare rebates are not applicable.

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To initiate a referral, kindly provide specific details about the requested service and pertinent patient history.

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